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Home Security Systems from Remote

As we get close to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, more and more folks are now able to monitor their homes as they travel to visit relatives all over the country.

Affordable technology in home security systems is now available so that you can get live video feed of your house through the web in addition to monitoring temperature settings indoors!

"You can see anything that's going on from anywhere in the world," says Jane Margolis of Las Vegas. Homeowners can even set it up so text messages or e-mails can be sent to them when something goes wrong at home.

Jim Kilpatrick from ADT said a customer was on vacation recently when he got a message that his front door was open, so he confirmed it by logging on to the web to look at his camera feed. It turns out to be true so he was able to call the next door neighbor to close the door!

Las Vegas resident Jane Margolis uses her cell phone to check her house several times a day. Her home security system offers live video feed from inside the house into her IPhone. She can also arm/disarm her home security system from remote.

Homeowners can monitor the weather, their heating and cooling units and other household systems while traveling. Cameras show whether it's snowing or raining on the driveway, so you can decide whether to call a plowing service for example.

Other homeowners set their systems to alert them if the furnace stops working, or if events inside the house can lead to water damage such as flooding or frozen pipes.
Most of these systems can be set to turn on lights when you get home, or set the temperature to your preference before you get into the house.

Average costs for these systems are going down to less than a $1,000. Monitoring fees can run you around $30-$50 per month. If you are handy, you can even do it yourself at a much lower cost using products and devices such as the X10.