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ADT Security Systems

I live in New York but purchased a second home in Las Vegas. Although it is inside a gated neighborhood, I decided to have an ADT Security System put in.

I only go to Vegas three to four times a year so having a security system installed goes along way in terms of having your peace of mind.

If you do decide to get one installed, make sure you are not using sub-contractors. This applies to most vendors who sell security systems such as Brinks and ADT. The primary reason is you get professional installation plus you get the latest in technology. It turns out some sub-contractors sometimes put in obsolete components.

Installations are now using wireless technology and there is no need to snake wires through walls anymore so the process is quicker and makes no mess. I even had this cell phone installed that calls the monitoring office at the ADT Security Systems office if there are problems.  So I basically have intrusion detection, fire and carbon monoxide detection, all part of a $50 per month subscription.

When I do decide to settle in Vegas full time, I also plan to expand the security using one of their wireless security system they call ‘Safewatch Video View’ It’s basically a high tech surveillance system  that has these features:

· you can see video from your home from almost anywhere in the world! You get a system with up to 12 indoor or outdoor color cameras that can be viewed from any web-enabled computer, cell phone or PDA
· see who’s at the door before you open it
· Confirm your teenagers have arrived safely home from school
· Watch the baby while you get things done around the house
· Check in on your home from the office or while away on vacation or business travel
· Look in on your home when you go on long vacations through the web
· Receive email alerts at the first sign of trouble
· View video from your web enabled cell phone or PDA
· Record up to 30 seconds of each event
· Save up to 30 days of continuous activity with a DVR

It’s pretty cool technology, cannot wait to try it out.

Let’s all be safe out there.